Busia outcome 2

In November 2021 a group of 23 experts was convened in Busia to select the key value chains for the NICE project in a participatory, multi-stakeholder approach. In different multisectoral teams such as e.g. crops team, livestock team and fisheries team different value chains were rated as per the general value chain selection criteria of the project with scoring each value chain on a 3-point scale (1-3) and excluding commodities with a low total score from further consideration.

Poultry, fish (Tilapia), orange-fleshed sweet potato and African Leafy Vegetables (spider plant in particular) have been selected as the value chains to further focus on and beneficial potentials for vulnerable groups as well as value chain challenges have been analyzed for each selected food commodity to define most effective interventions.

To also understand the current status and potential for agroecological practices in Busia, a farmers’ survey through FAO’s Self-evaluation and Holistic Assessment of climate Resilience of farmers and Pastoralists tool was conducted with 150 famers in Busia in December 2021.