Distribution Ceremony of Vegetable Racks and Food Carts to Women and Youth Group Members in Dinajpur

In a significant step towards improving the food system and ensuring a nutritious food supply in Dinajpur Municipality, vegetable racks and street food carts were distributed to the members of city food systems women and youth group in June 2024.

At a recent distribution program, Md. Abu Taiyob Ali Dulal, the Mayor of Dinajpur Municipality, handed over 28 vegetable racks and 4 street food carts to women and youth entrepreneurs from 12 wards of the municipality. This effort is expected to bolster the local food economy and promote healthy eating habits among the residents of Dinajpur. The beneficiaries of this program, drawn from various women and youth groups, are now equipped to provide fresh and nutritious food to the community, contributing to a more robust and sustainable food system in the region.