Inspiring exchanges at the Food Policy Symposium at City, University of London

Inspiring good practices, challenging ideas and a lot of food policy insights and potential ways forward toward food systems transformation have been shared and discussed by more than 200 stakeholders at the 2023 Food Policy Symposium at City, University of London end of Apr2023. The NICE team enjoyed being part of the symposium and gaining inspiring food for thought and contacts.

  • “Systems thinking involves thinking about real people and their everyday challenges […] to be evidence-based, we need to build on momentum signs, but still go upon emergency measures” – Sarah Pullen, Birmingham City Council and driver behind the outstanding Birmingham Food System Strategy
  • “Food systems are politics” – Dustin Benton, Green Alliance
  • “There is a need for capacty in policy relevance analyses” – Dr. Kelly Parsons, The Mandala Project
  • Food is key, especially for those not able to afford prescriptions –> shouldn’t we thus give the best food to the most underprivileged? – Dr. Chi-Chi Ekhator, The Ascension Trust