National Nutrition Week 2023: A Week of Awareness and Collaboration for Better Nutrition

NICE arranges engaging events and stakeholder participation mark a successful week: 7-13 June

National Nutrition Week 2023, a week-long initiative aimed at raising awareness and improving nutritional standards in the community, concluded on 13 June 2023 with resounding success. The week saw a series of impactful events and sessions, bringing together various stakeholders in the fight against malnutrition. Where NICE project has played a valuable role in ensuring the success of the week in collaboration with the government.

Day 1: Collaborative Inauguration

The week commenced with an inaugural ceremony at Rangpur Sadar Hospital Hall Room. The Deputy Director of Health and Family Planning Officer emphasized the importance of collaboration among institutions to enhance nutritional standards. The Civil Surgeon Officer presided over the event, with notable attendees including medical officers, sanitary inspectors, food safety officers, food inspectors, NGO representatives, and other stakeholders working in the field of nutrition.

Day 2-6: Engaging Students and Nurturing mothers

Afterwards, the five days focused on engaging the younger generation. At BIAM School and College, students from Classes 6 to 10 participated in various activities. A speech competition and lecture for elder students, along with a painting competition for the younger ones, showcased the creative and intellectual talents of the students.

Shiksha Angan School and College hosted exciting quiz competition on food and nutrition for students, with participants from Class 3 to 10 showcasing their knowledge and enthusiasm for nutrition.

For the mother who are pregnant, lactating, or had children under 5 years of age, over the next few days, ten nutrition-related sessions were conducted. These sessions, organized by the NICE City Food Systems Group, provided valuable information and support regarding nutrition during these critical periods.

Day 7: A Grand Conclusion

The grand finale was a Nutrition Fair that brought together various stakeholders involved in nutrition, including members of the District Nutrition Coordinating Committee, government departments, and NGOs such as RDRS Bangladesh, ESDO, BRAC, and World Vision. District Administrator, Civil Surgeon, and SP visited the stalls, engaging in discussions and acknowledging the participants’ achievements. Prizes were awarded to the winners of the school-level events conducted earlier in the week, and crests were distributed among the fair participants.

Overall Success

National Nutrition Week 2023 successfully facilitated awareness, engagement, and collaboration among different stakeholders to address the crucial issue of nutrition. The participation and enthusiasm demonstrated by students, mothers, and community members signify a growing commitment to improving nutritional standards within the region. This week-long event served as a reminder that when communities, government bodies, NGOs, and educational institutions come together, they can make significant strides in improving the nutritional well-being of the city dwellers. National Nutrition Week 2023 has left a lasting impact and set the stage for ongoing efforts to combat malnutrition in Rangpur City Corporation.