NICE organizing a sponsored session “Cities Session: Nutrition Interventions to Close the Micronutrient Gap in Secondary Cities” at the 6th Micronutrient Forum Global Conference 16-20Oct2023 in The Hague

Secondary cities tend to be better linked with their surrounding foodshed than primate cities and act as important platforms to trade agricultural produce within their rural surrounding. With more and more people living in cities, urban food systems become increasingly important, and urban contexts and modern lifestyles also present opportunities to better reach consumers through behavior change and fortification initiatives.

Effective governance of urban food systems making use of multisectoral collaboration is a first step towards food systems transformation and tackling all kind of malnutrition issues. However, lack of articulation on nutrition outcomes in relevant urban policies and strategies, weak coordination mechanisms among stakeholders acting in food systems, lack of relevant institutional leadership, and lack of monitoring systems are issues that urgently need to be addressed in a joint effort, making use of best practices made in several contexts.

In this session, lessons learnt, success stories and best practices to sustainably increase dietary quality, access, availability and demand for city populations will be shared and discussed by decision-makers, researchers and implementers.

Event date and time: 16-20Oct2023, exact time to be defined

Event location: World Forum The Hague, room to be defined