Grand Celebration Marks World Food Day 2023 in Dinajpur and Rangpur

Food is the basic need of human and indispensable part for living. Survival without food is next to impossible. Hence along with food knowledge on Nutrition and proper way of consumption is equally important. Safe and Nutritious food is right for all, where importance on scarcity of safe water is also inevitable. Hence retaining this year’s theme, “Water is life. Water is Food. Leave no one behind.”

NICE project has planned to celebrate the day in it’s own way. Engaging 3 NICE Nutrition Farmers’ Hub owner, 11 City food systems women and youth group, and 26 schools from both cities have gathered to celebrate the day and understand the importance of safe and nutritious food for all.


In a vibrant celebration echoing the theme, “Water is life. Water is food. Leave no one behind,” Dinajpur City in Bangladesh came alive on October 16 for World Food Day 2023. The city was abuzz with city authorities, councilors, and officials, led by Pouroshobha Mayor Sayed Jahangir Alam and Panel Mayor Taiyob Ali Dulal. The event, part of the Nutrition in City Ecosystems (NICE) Project, emphasized nutritional values of food and consumption of the food in proper way.

The festivities began with a spirited town rally, featuring the vegetable van owners who sells safe and nutritious  vegetables among the city dwellers. NICE Nutrition Farmers’ Hub were showcased, highlighting the importance of accessible healthy foods for all. Exciting events like art competitions, impromptu speeches, and cooking contests engaged the community, promoting the message of healthy living.

Awards were given to recognize outstanding efforts, reinforcing the significance of promoting healthy, safe, and nutritious food within the community. The event encapsulated the spirit of “Healthier cities, Happier Bangladesh,” urging collective efforts for a brighter, healthier future.

Joya Rani Roy sharing her story of becoming successful entrepreneur through NICE and importance of safe vegetable production during World Food Day 2023 from Dinajpur


Simultaneously, Rangpur City joined the celebration, collaborating with the Nutrition Club and City Dwellers. Umme Fatema, Secretary of Rangpur City Corporation, graced the event as the chief guest, emphasizing the critical role of water in our lives and advocating for water-saving techniques, importance of consumption of fresh and nutritious food. Dr. Abdul Razzak, Senior Scientific Officer at BIRTAN, shared insights into food security, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture, encouraging informed food choices and supporting local farmers.

The event featured various competitions among Nutrition Club members, showcasing their creativity through paintings and innovative recipes, all promoting the importance of a balanced diet. A bustling fair provided a platform for local farmers, entrepreneurs, and Nutrition Club members to exhibit their sustainable practices, enriching the community with knowledge about agroecologically produced food and the importance of healthy eating habits.Both events highlighted the vital nexus between water, food, and nutrition, emphasizing the need for collective action.

Student from Rangpur cities celebrating World Food Day 2023

As World Food Day 2023 echoed through these cities, the message resounded

Let’s build a healthier, happier Bangladesh together. Emphasizing on Nutrition Awareness.